Human Supply Chain

      We cater candidates as per your requirement. We have a team of staff who have vast experience in recruitment. Based on your requirement we will identify the candidates, shortlist and send you the profile. We conduct the interview in order to ascertain whether the candidate(s) are fit for the profile provided by the Customer. The interview will be conducted to shortlist the candidates on the parameters of present ability, confidence, communication skills, willingness to join the Organisation, stability, experience, compensation etc. The consultant will also give a brief description to the candidate about the Company.

         Among the interviewed candidates, we will select the best suitable candidates at par with the given specification and job description provided by the Company. We recommend the names and credentials of the best candidates to Company, as per the given specification for further consideration. The company may access the recommended candidates from the first round of interviews conducted by Kshipra and provide Kshipra a list of selected candidates for the final round of interviews, to be conducted by Kshipra. Kshipra will line up candidates for the final round of interview for the vacant position(s), depending on availability of the Company’s recruitment and selection panel for conducting interviews and do the follow up as mutually agreed between the parties. We can supply manpower to all the verticals of the industry who will be in our roll and we will take care of salary and regulatory compliances of the candidates.